Mini Fluid Guide Comb
  • Mini Fluid Guide CombMini Fluid Guide Comb
  • Mini Fluid Guide CombMini Fluid Guide Comb
  • Mini Fluid Guide CombMini Fluid Guide Comb
  • Mini Fluid Guide CombMini Fluid Guide Comb
  • Mini Fluid Guide CombMini Fluid Guide Comb
  • Mini Fluid Guide CombMini Fluid Guide Comb

Mini Fluid Guide Comb

JUXINTA factory’s : JUXINTA Mini Fluid Guide Comb GENTLE ON SCALP, TOUGH ON DIRT: So soon scalp massager shampoo brush is made of elasticity silicone bristles which are soft enough to be gentle on your scalp without pulling your hair, they are also firm enough to provide a great massage and plenty of lather to really deeply cleanse your hair. It has just the right amount of firmness to not damage the scalp but enough to invigorate, and long enough easily reaches every inch of your scalp DEEP CLEANSING HAIR SHAMPOO BRUSH: This helps to deeply cleanse your hair during the washing process and prevents the build-up of hair products or dry skin which leads to dandruff. It’s a decent tool to massage the shampoo right down to the scalp to which better than using fingers/nails which is too harsh and scratchy on the scalp. It lathers up so much more than finger tips and no more cracked fingernails GENTLY SCALP MASSAGER: It provide a comfortable head massage whilst deeper cleaning your hair and literally exfoliate the scalp gently. It works by stimulating your scalp, removing dead skin, lifts up the grease and flakey skin for a deep cleansing wash. Helps to reduce dandruff, eased the itchiness, relieving tension, helps blood circulation which helps hair growth. Make your scalp is healthier and hair looks better

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Product Description

JUXINTA as China's top 10 OEM/ODM leading cosmetics enterprise, we strictly follow RoHS, GMP, ISO, FDA, SGS, the international quality standards, with 18 standardized production lines, 300,000pcs daily capacity, 13 senior engineers and have our own R&D. Our manufacturer and supplier specialized in the collection of research and development, production and sales of shampoo, hair conditioner, hair mask, hair serum, hair styling, hair color cream, body wash, face care, body care products and hand sanitizer for more than 20 years.Our goal is to become a leading cosmetics company with 100 years of continuous development, work together as a team to spread beauty to all over the world !

( 1 ) JUXINTA:Hair root comb applicator Specification

Main ingredient


Item form 

Skin Type

Mini Fluid Guide Comb 



Hair oil applicator

All hair types


(2)JUXINTA Mini Fluid Guide Comb

 Feature And Application

Feature: Hair Growth Treatment, Energizes Hair and Scalp, Balanced Clean  Naturally Derived

Application: For all hair types


3JUXINTA :Hair root comb applicator Detail

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